Wholesale Banking Group

Doha Bank manages one of the largest corporate and commercial lending portfolios in Qatar.

Banking with Doha Bank renders our customers a variety of advantages and privileges, including unparalleled service and support, provided by our experienced and specialized Relationship Managers. Wholesale Banking Group is dedicated to providing unmatched relationship management, making it the first choice for businessmen and industrial houses. Our services include:

  • Highly personalized services available at all levels to attend to the financial requirements of your organization.
  • Consulting for your financial and business plans.
  • Customized lending package options.
  • Rapid decision and approval process.
  • Simple procedural requirements.

Through our strategically located branches, Doha Bank has developed a strong domestic presence in financing small, medium, large and multi-national entities. Relationship Managers at Doha bank have specialized skills to offer a range of products and services to corporates, through our individual units:

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Trade Finance

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Draft (Bill of Exchange) – LC and Collection

Application – Loan Trust Receipt (LTR)

Application – Letter of Guarantee

Authorization Letter on the Fixed Deposits, Deposits under Demand, Special Deposits and Alternative Deposits

Cash Management

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Application – Standing Instruction

Global Transaction Banking

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