Cash Management Services

Our Cash Management Team is established to work in close collaboration with you

With Doha Bank’s Cash Management services you can enjoy the luxury of fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions, which are tailor-made to meet your business’ specific needs.

Tadbeer – Doha Bank’s Cash Management Services is a customized online platform which contributes to a company’s operational efficiency, promotes reduction in operating cost through paperless transactions, facilitates in better accounting and reconciliation with focus on liquidity optimization.


Tadbeer is the first integrated Cash Management software platform in Qatar addressing range of Collections, Payments, Liquidity Management and Reporting services that can be configured to meet the needs of your business. Unlike other CMS solutions, our CMS would provide a single web-based interface for clients to access a variety of services.

 Why Tadbeer?

  • Domestic and International Payment solutions (25% discount on transaction fees for any beneficiary in local and International Banks).
  • Operational Convenience.
  • Payment Centralization.
  • Liquidity Optimization.
  • Better Accounting & Reconciliation.


Receivables Management solutions give you more control around the timing of your deposits and receivables. Plus, they will give the ability to accelerate your cash flows.

Doha SecureCash (verified & unverified cash pick up)

Managing Bulk Cash has always been a challenge for Corporates. Business groups like FMCG, larger retail stores, etc. face several issues in channelizing these funds. To facilitate these requirements, Doha Bank has developed Cash Pick-up service covering many locations in Qatar.


  • Cash will be transported in tamper-proof bags after filling in special deposit slips with relevant details.
  • Avoid risks for companies, as they do not need to hold substantial cash overnight at their premises.


Better payment management through streamlined processes with an increased control over liquidity:

Doha Business Online (DBOL)

Our electronic banking system is designed to ensure a full and precise overview of your accounts at all times. A few core services include:

  • Balance and transaction reporting.
  • Third Party Account transfers held with Doha Bank.
  • Online Payroll management.
  • Customized MIS reports in multiple formats including images of statements, Cheques, Charge back reporting and full details of incoming transactions.
  • Bill Payment online – Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Online corporate cheque book request.
  • Specialized cash delivery services at agreed locations.

Superior security and control in DBOL

Doha Bank has provided industry standard security features at multiple levels for DBOL. Security is provided at both system and user-level, and includes various security features such as:

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Protocol, 128 Bit Encryption.
  • Employing market-leading firewalls to detect, record and prevent any unauthorized attempts to penetrate the system.
  • User ID and password for access to the system, plus multiple levels of authorization.


Your company’s cash whether in use or not, requires your active management. That is why we provide a range of Liquidity Management tools to suit your cash flow requirements.


  • Main Account; Sub Account.
  • Moving funds with a click of button within your accounts.
  • Standing Instructions.
  • Beneficiary registration for periodic payments etc.

For Wages Protection System (WPS) – Please click here

To know more about our Cash Management Services department at Doha Bank, please contact any one of our Relationship Managers :

Alaeddine Tahri
Assistant Relationship Manager – Cash Management
+974 4015 4965


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