Himyan Prepaid Card

Doha Bank is pleased to announce the launch of Himyan Prepaid Card, Qatar’s national payment initiative.

It is a Physical card issued and named after the money bag used by merchants in ancient Arabia, it is similar to electronic cards issued by global payment networks. Cards are a safe and convenient cash alternative. You can use Himyan Prepaid Card to buy items online and in stores across Qatar by simply loading money onto the card account before you can use it. Himyan Prepaid Card supports transactions at all domestic sale points, ATMs and local shopping websites.


  • No minimum account balance required for issuance.
  • Card supports Qatari Riyal transactions only.
  • Himyan Prepaid Card is a re-loadable card, secured with Chip and PIN technology.
  • Convenience with contactless feature.
  • Allows transactions at all sale points, ATMs and local online shopping websites on QPay.
  • You can reload your Himyan Prepaid Card online through our mobile app or DBank Online.

Eligible Customers

Existing Doha Bank customers.

Steps for Card Activation

Step 1: To activate your card through Online Banking, login and click on ‘Card Activation’ located under Cards. For activation through Mobile Banking App, login to the app and click on ‘Activate Cards’ located under Request Services.

Step 2: Select Activate Cards

Step 3: Select your Doha Bank Himyan Prepaid Card to activate.

Step 4: Set a 4-digit PIN of your choice.

Step 5: Click ‘Validate/Submit’ to generate a one-time password (OTP).

Step 6: Authenticate the OTP that has been sent to your registered mobile number to activate your Himyan Prepaid Card

Step 7: A confirmation SMS will be sent to your registered number informing that your card has been activated successfully.

Step 8: Your card is now ready for use.

Activating Your Card for Online / Ecommerce Transactions

Before you can start your online shopping or making payments through mobile application, Himyan Prepaid Card needs to be activated for online transactions.

To activate your Himyan Prepaid Card for online transactions, simply call our Call Center at 4445-6000. Our call center agent will be happy to assist you.

General Terms & Conditions

  • Issuing the card for free for the first time.
  • The card can be issued to different categories (citizens, residents).
  • The card supports all types of local transactions:
    • Payment on POS terminals.
    • Withdrawal and deposit via ATMs.
    • Online payment through e-commerce payment gateway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any existing Doha Bank customer, can apply for a Himyan Prepaid Card from any nearest branch.

Funds initially are deposited on the card and the card can be reloaded with more money at any time.

Customers can simply load the Doha Bank Himyan Prepaid Card via digital channels including the mobile app & internet banking. A maximum load limit of QAR 50,000 per transaction and QAR 100,000 per day will be applied.

Yes, for security reasons, the Bank has placed the following limits on the daily card usage:

  • POS: QAR 100,000
  • ATM: QAR 35,000
  • Online / e-commerce transactions: QAR 40,000

No, customers can use the card locally within Qatar.

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