Doha Pay is a converged card based mobile wallet which allows the Doha Bank users to make quick, easy, and secure payments on the go. With this wallet, the user will not need to carry cash or physical cards anymore as the cards (Doha Bank Debit / Credit) will be digitally stored in a secured manner onto their mobile devices.

Doha Pay wallet enables the user to make cashless and cardless payments through merchant presented QR Code (MPQR) and Person to Person (P2P) transfer to send and receive funds from their wallet to other registered Doha Pay wallet users. With the passage of time, Doha Bank will keep on adding more features on the Wallet.

For now, only DohaBank account holders can utilize this service. If you don’t have account with DohaBank please visit,

The app is available for Android and iOS users on respective app stores. The links are given below:

The user will follow the below steps:

  • Step#1: The user enters a valid Qatari mobile number and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Step#2: The user will receive One Time Password (OTP) on his mobile number which has to be entered to proceed further.
  • Step#3: The user will need to enter the personal information (Full name, QID number and Email ID).
  • Step#4: The user will create a unique Wallet PIN and setup preferred login method (Biometric: Face ID / Finger). Once the PIN is successfully created, the user is ready to use the wallet.

Note: To use any service of the wallet, the user must unlock the wallet by entering a unique Wallet PIN or authenticate through preferred Biometric method.

There are three options available for the wallet user to add the cards to the Doha Pay wallet: Scanning the card, manually entering the card details, or importing cards through Doha Bank Online Banking Credentials.

Note: The below message will be displayed to the user for security purpose while adding the cards to the wallet through scanning or manually enter the card details.

‘Your card will be authorized with a transaction amount of QAR 0.10 which will not be billed to your statement’.

The first card that the user will add to wallet will be set as default card and it will be debited for any transaction carried through the wallet. If the user wants to change the default card, it can be done through the ‘Manage Cards’ option from the menu.

The user can delete the desired card from the wallet by visiting Manage Cards from the side menu. For iOS, the user will need to swipe the card to left and select delete option. For Android, the user will need to long press to delete the card.

Under “Manage Profile”, the user can choose the option for deactivating the wallet. Once the wallet is deactivated all the cards linked to that wallet will also be deleted.

The user can reset the wallet PIN by selecting Forgot Wallet PIN option from the Login screen. Please follow the below steps:

  • Step#1: The user will enter his registered mobile number. An OTP will be sent which the user needs to enter correctly.
  • Step#2: The user will be directed to setup new Wallet PIN.


In case the user has added only one card to the wallet, he will need to enter the card details along with the OTP to reset the PIN.

In case the user has added more than one card to the wallet, he will need to enter details for one of the cards along with the OTP to reset the Wallet PIN. The card used to reset the PIN will be the only card retained in the wallet while others will be deleted for security purpose. You can add remaining cards separately following steps mentioned under point 6.

The user can use Doha Pay to make instant and secure payments at selected Doha Bank merchants through QR code. Please refer to the “Shops” section in the mobile wallet to find out more about the participating merchants.

Additionally, the wallet can also be used to transfer funds with other Doha Pay users.

Once the transaction is completed (MPQR and P2P transfer), a transaction alert is sent through the SMS on registered mobile number with the Bank.

The user can view all the transactions made through the wallet under “Transaction History”. The user can view time, date, amount, reference number and the service it is used for.

If the user phone has been lost or stolen, call Doha Bank Call Center 4445-6000. The wallet will be immediately blocked. User can however enroll the cards on another device. Note, the user can continue using the physical cards as this action will have no impact on them.

If the old card of the user has been replaced, the user will not be able to use the service pertaining to that card through the wallet. The user must add the new card to the wallet to continue using Doha Pay services. If there are multiple cards in the Wallet, user can continue using other cards without any impact.

If the cards are blocked or suspended, the user will not be able to make any transaction.

In case, if the physical cards (Debit / Credit) are lost or stolen, the customer should immediately contact the call center (4445-6000) to block the cards. As soon as cards are blocked in Doha Bank system, transaction through Doha Pay Wallet will get declined.

Wi-fi / cellular data will be required for operating the Doha Pay App.

If the user decides to delete all the cards from the wallet will have no effect on physical cards. User can continue to use physical cards normally. Users can add their credit and debit cards back into Doha Pay Wallet at any time.

The supplementary card holders can register to Doha Pay wallet and utilize the wallet services.

Note: while adding the card (through scanning or manually) to the wallet, the OTP will be sent to the primary card holder. To import through online banking, the primary card holder will need to enter his / her online banking login credentials.

The user can configure the Doha Pay wallet with same user ID on different devices, however, he can login through only one device at a time. If a user is logging into the second device, he / she will be automatically logged out from the first device.

No, the user cannot register more than once by using same mobile number.

First unlock your mobile wallet by either entering the unique Wallet PIN or Biometric. The P2P transfers will be enabled only for registered Doha Pay users (sender / beneficiary) who have added Debit cards to their wallet. The sender needs to select a debit card, enter a valid Qatari mobile number of the beneficiary, or scan / upload the QR code of the beneficiary and enter the desired amount to complete the transaction process.

Note: For successfully transferring the funds, the default card of the beneficiary must be a debit card.

First unlock your mobile wallet by either entering the unique Wallet PIN or Biometric. Then the user will opt for “Scan To Pay” option available in the wallet. The user will scan the QR Code presented at the merchant terminal. The user will need to confirm the merchant details and amount for making the payments. The Default card of the user will be debited. The user can also change the card if required before approving the payment through “change card” option displayed on the payment screen. Once the user approves the payment, transaction process is successfully completed. A success message will be displayed to the user and an SMS alert for the debit will be sent to the registered mobile number.

S.NO Features Transaction Type
    Single Transaction Limit Daily Limit
1 Scan To Pay QAR 10,000 QAR 50,000
2 Person To Person Transfer QAR 10,000

Note: If the Doha Pay wallet user exceeds the above limits, the transactions will be declined.


Doha Bank’s retail, commercial and corporate products are granted at our sole discretion and are subject to the Bank’s terms, conditions and acceptance.