Executive Management

Gudni Stiholt Adalsteinsson
Acting Chief Executive Officer

Sh. Mohamed Fahad MJ – Al Thani
Acting Chief Human Resource Officer

Sh. Mohamed Abdulla MJ – Al Thani
Chief Strategy, Corporate Performance and Marketing Officer

Braik Ali Al-Marri
Chief Retail Banking Officer

Peter John Clark
Chief Operating Officer

Ala Azmi Masoud Abumughli
Chief Wholesale Banking Officer

Andre Leon Snyman
Chief International Banking Officer

Sanjay Jain
Acting Chief Financial Officer

Taher Alagha
Acting Chief Risk Officer

Mokhtar Abdel Monem Elhenawy
Legal Advisor & Secretary to the Board of Directors

Dr. Mohammad Omar Abdelaziz Daoud
Chief Internal Auditor

Ghaus Bin Ikram
Acting Chief Compliance Officer