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Payroll Services for Organizations, Businesses and their employees through D-Pay Debit Card

The State of Qatar mandates that all workers in the country are paid in a timely fashion and through a bank account. To enable you to comply INSTANTLY and EFFORTLESSLY with the wage protection system outlined in Article 2 of law No. 1 of 2015, Doha Bank offers your company or organization the means to manage the payroll for those workers which are paid less than QAR5,000 per month. This holistic approach to paying workers through a bank account complies with the Ministry of labor regulations and under Qatar Central Bank guidelines.

Benefits for workers

The employer’s labour-force benefits as each worker is given the means to access their wages for FREE across all cash machine (ATM’s) and Merchant Point of Sale (POS) networks in Qatar.

The payroll solution includes issuing of FREE debit Mastercard (chip & Pin) called D-Pay cards to workers with which they can withdraw their cash and even use in shops wherever there exists a POS terminal. The D-Pay Card even has a built-in money remittance facility which works in tandem with the employee’s mobile phone.

Payroll Card

Service features summarized:

  • FREE and unlimited transactions across all point of sales machines in Qatar
  • Real-time salary credits to payroll card holders

Benefits for the Employer

  • Doha Bank has a dedicated team to handle all queries raised by labourers and we will streamline the payroll payments in a strictly-organized time-frame. Companies will gain by reduced productivity losses. Employees will no longer have to wait in line outside the company wages office.
  • Eliminate the manual salary distributions to workers. Hence, less cash risk and optimized productivity
  • Fast issuance of D-Pay payroll debit cards to your staff
  • Real-time, secure salary credits for your payroll through our online portal

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In order to register, please fill in the below form and submit to your respective branch.

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In order to upload the salaries files, please register to Doha Bank online “Tadbeer”. Please visit Doha Bank Head office 18th floor for registration or E-mail us at

Doha Bank online registered customers only

No, once the file is prepared, it needs to be validated as per below “Link” prior to uploading it into Doha Bank Online portal

SIF File-Validation-Tools

Unzip the file and install “Link”

Please ignore the error code

  • Login at Tadbeer – Using approver user id
  • GO to queue management
  • GO to completed queue-CHECK STATUS (example; Success/Pending with QCB/Pending with Doha bank/Rejected)
  • If the status is success – file will be processed
  • If the status is rejected by QCB – click on sequence no.- click on highlighted link at the bottom of screen-Pop up window will open – on the new window click SIF file status and READ Note pad to see the reason of rejection- make changes/edits in the file and upload again for processing.
  • If the status is Pending with Doha Bank– it means file is in queue for Doha Bank to process it
  • If the status is Pending with QCB – it means file is in queue for the QCB to process


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