QDB – ‘Al-DHAMEEN’ Guarantee Program

The Al-DHAMEEN Guarantee Program is an initiative launched by Qatar Development Bank to promote the growth and development of small and medium size enterprises in Qatar

The program is designed to help SMEs which are unable to borrow on a standalone basis due to weak financials or insufficient collateral, gain access to bank financing. In the absence of sufficient collateral or weak financials, Qatar Development Bank will provide a guarantee to the lending bank on the SME’s behalf, if approved.

Product Eligibility

  • Al Dhameen covers industries and services that adds value to the Qatari economy
  • Trading of any sort is not covered
  • Existing companies with maximum annual turnover of QR 30 million and are established for 3 years or more
  • Start-up companies with a minimum customer equity of 13% of project cost

Facility Size & Tenor

  • Maximum QR 15 Million
  • Tenor: Term Loans- 8 years including maximum of 2 year grace period
  • Working Capital: 1 year and renewable

Product Range

  • Term Loans (e.g. to finance Capex, purchase of plant & machinery)
  • Project Finance ( e.g. to finance new projects, plant, construction)
  • Other funded products (e.g. Working capital, inventory, receivable financing)
  • Export/ Import Credit lines
  • Letter of credits (LCs)
  • Letters of guarantee (LG’s – TB/PB/APG)
Al Dhameen Start-up SME program
(less than 3 years)
Al Dhameen Existing SME program
(greater than or equal to 3 year)
Max facility QAR 15 Million Max facility QAR 15 Million
Fixed guarantee of 85% 75% of principal
Priced at 7% Priced at 7%
Annual guarantee fee of 1.2% of value of guarantee payable by partner bank to QDB Annual guarantee fee of 1.5% of value of guarantee payable by partner bank to QDB

General Documents required

  • Valid Commercial Registration copy
  • ID/Passport/ Birth certificate copies of all partners
  • Computer sheet & Municipal License
  • Company profile
  • Cash Flow Projections for the project period
  • Feasibility Study on the project



Doha Bank’s retail, SME, commercial and corporate lending products are granted at our sole discretion and are subject to the Bank’s terms, conditions and acceptance.