Doha Bank Internet Payment Gateway

Retailers, merchants and entrepreneurs can now embrace reliable electronic payment from customers and commercial services through Doha Bank’s Internet Payment Gateway.


In addition to traditional POS payment at the counter we can provide numerous payment options for e-carts and online merchants. Transactions, once approved, are credited to your business account within two working days, similar to credit card POS transactions.

Doha Bank was the first bank in Qatar to converge its services and Technology to offer a wide range of products and services through electronic channels, including POS terminals and intuitive online payment. Doha Bank was awarded “Best internet Banking Award 2008” in the Middle East and continues to attract accolades for its business e-services.

Reasons to Smile

  • Lowest interchange rate per transaction in the State of Qatar.
  • Certified for Visa and MasterCard transactions.
  • Powerful and robust payment gateway system.
  • Quick and efficient transaction processing.
  • Multiple security layers.
  • Flexible platform allows easy integration.
  • All online approved payments guaranteed by the bank within two working days of the transaction.
  • 24/7 technical support.

What are the costs?

It is a fact that presenting a choice of payment options to customers will increase your sales. With this taken into consideration the cost to your business of subscribing to the internet payment gateway represent excellent value. For availing preferential rate exclusively for your business, please feel free to write us on

Any questions?

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For e-Commerce:

  • Call Hello Doha on 4445 6000.
  • Step into your nearest branch.

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