Any Doha Bank customer can open a DB Global Markets account and start trading. If you’re not a Doha Bank client, you can reach out to the nearest Doha Bank branch to open an account.

Choose from different Tiered Brokerage accounts based on investment account funding

  • Standard account – USD 2,000 minimum.
  • Gold account – USD 25,000 minimum.
  • Platinum account – USD 100,000 minimum.

If you are an existing Doha Bank customer,

  • You can download the DBGM account opening form, fill it, sign it and send it to your branch or reach out to your Relationship Manager. Click here for the application form.
  • Once your DBGM Investment account is opened, you can fund the account on Doha Bank Online Banking platform and start trading. Please note that funding takes place on a T+1 basis.

If you’re not an existing Doha Bank customer, please reach out to the nearest branch to you to open an account.

You can fund your DBGM Investment account on the Doha Bank Online Banking platform. Please note that funding takes place on a T+1 basis.

All of the related reports to your account of DBGM can be found on the platform itself, all what you have to do is logging in your account and go to “ Account” section and client on portfolio reports and will be able to download the reports.

Our platform allows you to invest and trade in FX, US & European Stock Markets and Commodities 24/7 on desktops or mobiles and manage your portfolio easily from a single Doha Bank account.

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