Doha Bank Online Banking and Remittance for D-Pay Card Holders

Dear Valued Customer,

In light with the efforts made by the State of Qatar to control the spread of Coronavirus and according to QCB Circular No. (6/2020) , Doha Bank is modifying its online-Banking platforms to enable all workers make their fund transfers through Doha Bank mobile banking applications or via the support of the employer where remittances may be performed on the employee behalf through Doha Bank Tadbeer corporate portal.

While Doha Bank IT team is working round the clock to develop the necessary technical infrastructure, we are kindly urging you to make the below necessary information’s readily available to all your staff who wish to benefit from the mobile-Banking services and having a Qatari residency number.

Employee Code First Name & Middle Name as passport Last Name as Passport Mobile No. Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYY) Place of Birth QID No. QID Expiry date (DD/MM/YYY) Passport No
Employee code 1                
Employee code 2                
Employee code 3                

Kindly note that all workers who wish that the employer to perform the transfers on their behalf shall have the beneficiary details readily available.

Doha Bank will be sharing with you soon all guidelines to upload the obtained data via its Tadbeer corporate platform.

Thank You