Training and Career Development in Doha Bank

Doha Bank, one of the leading bank in Qatar and the GCC region, has launched an internal Training and Career Development Portal for its staff. The Portal is one of the strides taken by Doha Bank towards its commitment to be an organization which truly believes in providing their staff, opportunity and tools to develop themselves and be part of a learning organization.

Training and Development portal will provide unparalleled access to information to support continuing professional development and will act as a one-stop shop for enhancing staff Knowledge, Skills and Abilities at the Bank. The portal also has dedicated area to support the needs of Qatari staffs’ development and ensure local talent is groomed for future leadership roles.

Portal is a learning management tool that will not only provide the staff with up to date information on the learning events, but will also allow everyone to actively engage with the training team and participate in interactive and fun training activities.

Doha Bank is committed to supporting the State of Qatar’s drive to develop a comprehensive knowledge based society that will drive future sustainability. The Bank believes this is a key investment that both public and private sector organizations should make to help build this knowledge base and support the youth of today.