Qatarization of Position at Doha Bank Reached 25%

Press Release

Qatarization of Position at Doha Bank Reached 25%

Doha Bank is continually striving to create job opportunities for Qatari citizens and to fully participate in the aims and achievements of the Qatar National Vision 2030 set forth by His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar.

The Bank’s Management has adopted a five-year strategy to increase the percentage of Qatari employees in the bank in every department by executing a number of plans that aim at attracting and retaining the national competencies through enrolling them in training and development programs that motivate and lend a helping hand to them to progress to higher job grades. Such programmes proved to be very effective as the percentage of Qatari employees has increased to 25% in the second quarter of current year.

Managing Director

Doha Bank offers excellent job opportunities to Qatari citizens who are looking for a career in the banking sector. The bank depends on several sources for employing Qataris, including the Qatar Career Fair (associated to Qatar Foundation), which is organised under the auspices of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Heir Apparent.

The bank has attracted a considerable number of job seekers and scholarship applicants through the Fair. Other sources include the Administration of National Workforce Management which provides names of job seekers and channels employment applications directly through to the Bank’s Human Resources Department, or through e-mails: or

HE Sheikh Abdul Rahman Bin Mohammed Bin Jabor Al Thani (Managing Director) stated that the Qatari employees receive training of the highest standard from the Training & Job Rehabilitation Centre, which develops and provides training plans. These plans are part of a Qatarization programme aimed at providing Qatari staff with the qualifications needed to occupy senior, middle, supervisory and executive management’s positions within the bank.

As part of the collaborative partnership between Doha Bank and the Job Rehabilitation Centre at the Ministry of Labour, new employees who hold GSCs, and who do not have any previous experience in the banking sector, are enrolled in a four-month fast-track training programme where they learn the skills required to work in the financial sector. On completion of the course, the bank provides participants with on-the-job training for two months at one of the bank’s departments in accordance with the approved Qatarization plan prior to them being accepted as permanent members of staff at the Bank.

This year the bank has successfully organised two programmes: the first took place in April and was attended by 29 participants; the second in September 13 participants.

The bank, in coordination with the Administration of the National Workforce Management, has selected nine Qataris, male and female, to be trained for one year on banking operations at the North Atlantic College. The participants will receive a monthly allowance to support their studies and are expected to graduate in the first quarter of 2012. On graduation, they will join the bank and take up positions within a variety of departments.

Staff development programmes are ongoing; Qatari employees are provided with access to overseas and local training courses at certified training and educational institutions, as well as at the bank’s own training centre. This increases knowledge and keeps staff up-to-date with the latest practices in banking. It also has a positive impact on improving performance at the bank. In addition, the one to two-year individual development programme awards on-the-job individuals with General Secondary School and university certificates.

After passing the course, individuals are qualified to take on further responsibilities above their current positions, and a clear career path is mapped with further qualifications leading to promotion and leadership positions, e.g. Branch Manager. Currently there are 26 members of staff on the programme, three of which are being trained for Branch Manager positions.

The bank has also approved a development policy for Qatari university graduates who have degrees in subjects that do not relate to banking.

Participants are provided with practical training for one year at every department, giving them the necessary professional experience in banking. Following training, and after appraisal, candidates are allocated to one of the bank’s departments.

The management has approved a scholarship policy, whereby distinguished on-the-job Qatari staff wishing to complete their studies are sent by the bank to join local and overseas universities to attain university degrees or diplomas.

General Certificate graduates lacking banking experience but who fulfill the scholarship conditions may also apply. Currently there are 53 staff enrolled in the scholarship programme.

Driven by the fundamental precept that an organisation’s strength comes from its people, Doha Bank is committed to providing opportunities and support in human investment.