Save Some by Driving Green

Are you ready to help the environment?

Doha Bank wants to reward you for making an environmentally-friendly choice on your next vehicle purchase. If a vehicle is a Hybrid or Electric car, it will qualify for our green auto loan.

To help transform our nation into a green, low-carbon economy in support of the sustainability agenda of Qatar Vision 2030; we are pleased to present special pricing offers on selected electric and hybrid cars as part of our Go Green initiative.

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Key Features

  • 0% interest for first 12 months – for loans with 6 years tenor.
  • 0% interest for first 6 months – for loan with 4 years tenor.
  • QCB + 1.5% reducing rate on succeeding months.
  • Car Loan available for brand new and pre-owned cars.
  • 100% finance for Qatari customers and up to 80% for Expats.
  • Max Repayment – 72 months for Qataris and 48 months for Expatriates.
  • Maximum Loan Amount – QR 2Mn for Qataris and QR 400K for Expatriates (including interest).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Salary transfer to Doha Bank.
  • Monthly salary of QR 10,000.

Terms and conditions

  • Applicable for Electric and Hybrid cars only.
  • The minimum loan term is 48 months.
  • Bank will charge QCB + 1.5% for the 0% interest if the Green Auto loan is early settled before completing 4 years of tenor.

Sample Computation

Nationality Car Value (QR) Down Payment Loan Amount (QR) Tenor (Months) Approximate Monthly Installment
Qataris 200,000 0% 200,000 72 3,008
Expats 200,000 20% 160,000 48 3,484

Above calculations are indicative and subject to change as per the Bank’s policy.

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Interest Calculation (APR):

  • Commencing from the Loan Date, interest shall accrue on the Loan on a daily basis at the relevant Interest Rate and will be capitalized to the Loan Amount at the end of each month.
  • Interest will be calculated as per following formulae. The Daily Balance of the Loan X Total Annual Rate X (1/360)
  • Every payment made after the due date will result in additional interest accrual on loan
  • Where a Grace Period applies or where the Customer is granted a postponement in respect of an installment, interest on the relevant Loan shall continue to accrue and will be capitalized to the Loan Amount at the end of each relevant month.