Interactive Teller Machine (ITM)

The Interactive Teller Machine is Doha Bank’s new service through which customers will be able to perform selected banking transactions without the need to wait in the queue.

What is ITM

ITM is a Live Teller video-based interactive technology that allows transactions and banking services driven by a Teller at a remote location who will be engaging real time video / audio interaction with you. This will enable you to perform most of your transactions offered at a regular branch.

Why should I use ITM?

ITM will allow you to talk to a remote teller at your own comfort and in line with Covid-19 social distancing measures. You will be able to withdraw or deposit cash by just presenting your Qatari ID / passport the same way you would at the branch.

What kind of transactions are available on the ITM?

  1. Cash withdrawal
  2. Cash Deposit
  3. Cheque Deposit
  4. Doha Bank Cheque Encashment
  5. Fund Transfer

You can request transfers between accounts, and other Doha Bank Accounts. Perform Requests and inquiries such as updating contact details and checking your account balance.

Transaction Limits

Transaction Type Per Transaction (QR)
Cash Deposit into Doha Bank Account QR 50,000
Cash Withdrawal QR 20,000
Cheque Deposit Open
Cheque Encashment (DB cheque, Max limit QR 5,000 in multiples of QR 50) QR 5,000 per Cheque
Money Transfer between Own Accounts QR 10,000
Money Transfer to Other Doha Bank Accounts QR 5,000

Terms & Conditions

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