Cash Deposit Machines


Doha Bank has launched the most technologically advanced machine catering to the needs of both the Retail and Corporate segments. The new multifunction ATMs have been installed at prominent locations and can be used for withdrawals and deposit from a single unit.

Features Available

  • Cash Deposit up to 30 notes of any denomination in a single transaction.
  • Cash withdrawal functionality.
  • Mini Statement / Balance enquiry.
  • Statement / Cheque Book request.
  • Utility Bill payments / Fund Transfer.

Access to the New Machine

Available 24 X 7 both for Retail and Corporate customers

  1. Retail Customers: Through the use of their existing ATM card.
  2. Corporate Customers:
  • A “deposit only” card will be issued for corporate clients on request.
  • The card “cannot” be used for withdrawal / balance inquiry / mini-statement – unless specific request is made to allow these functions.

Deposit Receipt

Doha Bank Customers will get the deposit receipt from the ATM and the amount deposited will be credited instantly.

Benefits to Corporate Customer

  • Improved cash management & flow.
  • Handling of cash outside Banking Hours.
  • For large Corporate Clients – Doha Bank will arrange the Mobile Bank Unit with 1 hour notice.


Doha Bank’s retail, commercial and corporate products are granted at our sole discretion and are subject to the Bank’s terms, conditions and acceptance.