NRI Benefits

Doha Bank NRI Services offer the following Exclusive benefits for NRI customers:

  1. FREE Remittances from Qatar to your NRI Account with DB India at BEST exchange rates
  2. FREE International withdrawal at Doha Bank ATMs globally
  3. FREE cash withdrawals at any bank ATM in India(5 transactions per month)
  4. High interest rates on your Fixed Deposits in India
  5. Fixed Deposits: NRE Rupee and FCNR in USD/GBP/EUR and JPY
  6. Loan facility* in Qatar against your NRE/FCNR deposits with DB India
  7. Pay ZERO tax on the interest earned on your NRE Account in India
  8. INSTANT e-remittance of your money to India from the comfort of your home 24hrs a day, 7 days a week
  9. Online funds transfer from your DB India NRI Account to any bank any branch in India
  10. Online access to your Indian accounts
  11. SMS/Email alerts for your NRI Account transactions in India

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