Quarterly Financial Reports

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1st Quarter Result-2024

3rd Quarter Result-2023

2nd Quarter Result-2023

1st Quarter Result-2023

3rd Quarter Result-2022

2nd Quarter Result-2022

1st Quarter Result-2022

3rd Quarter Result-2021

2nd Quarter Result-2021

1st Quarter Result-2021

3rd Quarter Result-2020

2nd Quarter Result-2020

1st Quarter Result-2020

3rd Quarter Result-2019

2nd Quarter Result-2019

1st Quarter Result-2019

3rd Quarter Result-2018

2nd Quarter Result-2018

1st Quarter Result-2018

3rd Quarter Result-2017

2nd Quarter Result-2017

1st Quarter Result-2017

3rd Quarter Result-2016

2nd Quarter Result-2016

1st Quarter Result-2016

3rd Quarter Result-2015

2nd Quarter Result-2015

1st Quarter Result-2015

3rd Quarter Result-2014

2nd Quarter Result-2014

1st Quarter Result-2014

3rd Quarter Result-2013

2nd Quarter Result-2013

1st Quarter Result-2013

3rd Quarter Result-2012

2nd Quarter Result-2012

1st Quarter Result-2012

3rd Quarter Result-2011

2nd Quarter Result-2011

1st Quarter Result-2011

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