Doha Bank Sponsors the Doha International Equestrian Tour 2024

Doha International Equestrian Tour 2024

Doha Bank Sponsors the Doha International Equestrian Tour 2024

Doha Bank is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Doha International Equestrian Tour 2024, hosted by the Qatar Equestrian Federation at Al Shaqab. This prestigious event will unfold over four weeks, commencing from January 11 and concluding on February 17, 2024, showcasing the skills of riders from around the globe.

The tour features show jumping competitions across four categories, expected to draw a diverse audience of equestrian enthusiasts from both inside and outside Qatar.

In an official statement, Doha Bank emphasised the significance of the tour, themed “Where Nobility Meets History.” The bank applauded the event as a manifestation of the profound connection between Qatar’s ancient equestrian heritage and its well-established traditions. It also highlighted Qatar’s global and regional prominence in organising international courses, tours, and events across various sports.

Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Fahad Al Thani, the Group CEO, underscored the importance of supporting and preserving the heritage and national identity of Qatar through initiatives like sponsoring the Doha Tour. This sponsorship aligns with Doha Bank’s broader commitment to social responsibility, demonstrating the bank’s dedication to contributing to sporting and social events, as well as promoting environmental preservation.

Yousef Abdulla Almeer, Doha Bank’s Director of Strategy and Marketing, expressed the bank’s pride during the press conference dedicated to the tour. He conveyed hopes for the competition’s success, anticipating a high level of performance and widespread attendance of equestrian enthusiasts from both Qatar and beyond. Almeer extended his best wishes for success to the riders from the State of Qatar, known for their consistently remarkable and honourable performances.