Doha Bank Regency Co-Branded Traveller Card Bestows Great Benefits for its Corporate Clientele

Doha Bank Regency Co-Branded Traveller Card

Doha Bank in partnership with Regency Travels Group, the leading Travel Agency in Qatar and the most recognized multi awards winner recently held a high profile event to re-introduce the benefits of their co-branded pre-paid travel card to its esteemed corporate clientele. The Doha Bank Regency Travels prepaid TRAVELLER MasterCard is yet another innovative payment solution from Doha Bank which is dependable and secure wherever you travel.

The luncheon event, which was hosted in the Doha Bank’s Tower in West Bay, was attended by a cross section of well-respected Doha Bank Wholesale, Corporate and SME customers as well as corporate clients’ trade partners from Regency Travels.

At the event, Mr. Nabil Tabbara, Executive Manager Retail Banking at Doha Bank highlighted the Traveller card benefits to the distinguished gathering. Mr. Tabbara explained that this unique re-loadable pre-paid travel card is now the key to Foreign Exchange savings and Expense management as well as a variety of uses and purposes including business and leisure trips, online shopping and even for students going forward.

He explicitly explained that in the business arena, it is especially useful for the payment of per diem allowances to staff going overseas on official business trips as well as the administration Administration Departments that wish to make procurements in foreign currency.

He also went on to say: “For utmost ease, convenience and flexibility this Travel Pre-Paid MasterCard card is made available in 3 major currencies – US Dollar, Euro and Pound Sterling. This ensures that customers do not lose out on foreign currency conversions when making purchases in the currency of the card. So, customers will benefit greatly as they will not be affected by critical exchange rate fluctuations when using the travel card anywhere around the world.”

He added: “What’s more, when customers purchase or reload the cards, they are assured of an unbeatable exchange rate from Doha Bank, which promises to be the best in the market, thus making the travel card the most rewarding travel companion to have on a journey.”

Other benefits of the card include protection against counterfeiting as the card is EMV compliant, making it much safer than carrying foreign currency notes. Because the card can be re-loaded with ease, it also saves customers the hassle of carrying bulky currency notes during their travel. With free SMS alerts and online access, guests were told that they could keep a track their expenses with ease, allowing them more freedom and flexibility.

In concluding the event, Mr. Nasiruddin Mohd Shafiq, the General Manager of Regency Travels invited the guests to apply for the card at a special desk that was made available at the event venue so that guests could experience the benefits of the Traveller card first hand, in time for the summer season.

The DOHA BANK REGENCY TRAVELS TRAVELLER MasterCard PRE-PAID card is available at selected branches of both Doha Bank and Regency Travels.

More information is available at or by calling Hello Doha on 44456000