Doha Bank Launches Qatar Trading Platform: Q-Trade


Doha Bank Launches Qatar Trading Platform: Q-Trade

Doha Bank, one of the largest private commercial banks in Qatar, has launched Q-Trade platform, a gateway to The Group Securities Company (The Group)’s trading and brokerage services through Doha Bank’s Online and Mobile Banking platforms.

The Group is one of the leading brokerage and investment firms in Qatar, licensed by Qatar Finance Markets Authority. Doha Bank customers will easily connect their Doha Bank accounts with The Group’s accounts and trade instantly in any stocks listed at the Qatar Stock Exchange through The Group application.

Q-TRADE will enable customers to instantly access their account in The Group where they can buy and sell any stocks listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange, as well as view their holdings, real-time stock prices, account information and portfolio. Customers will be able to transfer funds between their bank account and their account in The Group.

Speaking on this occasion the Bank’s acting CEO, Gudni Stiholt Adalsteinsson has said that “As a part of the continued Strategy of Doha Bank, we will continue to invest in technology and with a priority focus on digitalizing across all banking channels, and by doing so we expect this to further enhance the customer experience across all products and services. The launch of this Q-Trade platform will complete our suite of our trading platforms at both local and global level. Our DB Global markets platforms launched in the past will continue to provide easy access to the global markets to our customers while this New Q-trade platform will allow customers to easily trade in the local market.”

This service will be made available for all relevant Doha Bank Retail Banking customers through their Online and Mobile Banking channels. To trade through The Group platform, customers should have accounts or open accounts in The Group. For account opening in The Group, customers should contact the Group.