Doha Bank Introduces Google Pay to its Customers

Google Pay

Doha Bank Introduces Google Pay to its Customers

Smartphones and wearable technologies have become integral to every aspect of our lives. Hence, digital payments solutions across all smartphone platforms and accessories have developed radically to alter the way people conduct financial transactions on the go, while traveling, dinning out and shopping by holding payment cards and loyalty in one place on their smartphones.

Doha Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in Qatar has always placed a high emphasis on being a facilitator of digital payments across all smartphone platforms. Today, on its digital payments’ forefront, Doha Bank has collaborated with Google to add support for Google Pay on both Android devices and supported WearOS devices. This allows Android users to pay with their debit or credit cards that are stored in their Google Wallet a digital wallet that was recently launched in Qatar.

“The Google Wallet provides a fast, easy and safe way to pay with any Android phone or Wear OS device,” said Jenny Cheng, Vice President and General Manager, Google Wallet. “Tap and ride the train, tap to pay in stores, have easy access to your boarding pass, store your loyalty cards and more. Keep everything protected in one place, no matter where you go.”

Customers who setup debit or credit cards in their Google Wallet can use them to pay anywhere contactless payments are accepted, on apps and effortlessly on the web too.

On the Occasion of the announcement, Braik Al Marri Chief Retail Banking Officer said: “Doha Bank is glad to be one of the leading facilitators of digital payments and today we bring about your everyday essentials with Google Pay in one secure easy to access location in your phone to make any payment with a simple tap of your smartphone. Google Pay allows for safe and secure purchases using security and privacy built into every part of Google Wallet.”

It is worth highlighting the layer of security, which in case of lost or stolen phone, the “Find my device” function can be used to instantly lock the device, secure with a new password or completely wipe the device clean from all personal information. These features function beyond the standard protections provided by credit and debit cards ensures that our customers enjoy a safe and secure payment experience. Google Wallet is now available for download on the Google Play store today.