Doha Bank Dream cardholder redeems 40,600 Dream points

Dream points

Doha Bank announced today that one of its Dream Loyalty Card customers redeemed 40,600 dream points last month. This is the highest redemption recorded during the month by a Dream Card holder.

The customer, Mr. H. Al Mohannadi redeemed his points at Blue Saloon, a leading luxury retail Dream Merchant partner to Doha Bank in Qatar. Blue Salon is home to some of the biggest international names in luxury fashion and style.

A special congratulatory ceremony was held at Blue Salon’s headquarters to thank both the customer and the merchant partner.

On the occasion, Doha Bank’s Head of Retail Mr. Suresh Bajpai said: “Doha Bank is proud to see customers redeeming a significant quantity of Dream Points at Dream Merchant partner organisations. This is resounding proof of the success of the programme. Doha Bank’s Dream Loyalty Rewards programme allows card members to expect extended purchasing power and financial flexibility and since its establishment has grown to become one of the most generous rewards programmes in Qatar because it helps customers live the life they dream of. In addition, the programme also benefits merchants and partner outlets, with over 200 Dream Merchants already part of the programme and more partnerships being sought to provide the Bank’s customers with even more value for their everyday spend.”

Mr. Bajpai added: “Due to the global acceptance of the Dream Credit Card, customers earn Dream Points on their purchases anywhere in the world, in addition to their daily purchases using the card in Qatar. Customers also benefit from the only instant redemption programme of its kind and can redeem accumulated Dream Points instantly via partnering Dream Merchants in lieu of practically anything. These benefits range from exotic holidays overseas and vehicle maintenance to purchasing luxury goods at departmental stores or even a hairdresser’s appointment. The list of benefits is exhaustive and there is something that appeals to every individual.”

Mr. Nabil Abou Issa, the Managing Director of Blue Saloon, expresses his gratitude for recognizing Blue Saloon as the Dream Merchant of the month and said: “we are proud of our partnership with Doha Bank and felt the major attraction and uniqueness of Doha Bank’s Dream Loyalty Program which allows customers to purchase any item from our variety of brands for free. This has been working great for us and we are looking forward for even more and stronger benefits that will be coming up soon through our partnership with Doha Bank.”

In addition, Dream card holders have the added benefit of earning the highest number of Dream Points against their daily spend, with every QR4 spent at a point of sale accounting for 1 Dream Point.

Based on Doha Bank’s on-going partnerships with merchants, customers can avail special promotions throughout the year which include the ability to pay in instalments and deferring payment on air tickets, coupled with the most flexible repayment options available.

The Dream Card also comes with useful options such as Ultra Credit Shield, Travel Insurance, and Purchase Protection to ensure maximum protection, particularly when travelling overseas.

The Dream card is available in both Visa and MasterCard variants and is accepted globally. Cards issued by Doha Bank are further accepted in markets such as Europe through the Europay network and in China through Doha Bank’s partnership with Union Pay (UP), making the Bank one of the most globally accepted cards issuers today.

For more information, call +974-44456000 or visit the Bank’s website