Doha Bank Announces Al Dana 2020 Scheme with a Mega Prize of QAR 2.5 Million

Al Dana 2020

Exceptional 457 cash prizes including mega prize as well as 2 prizes of QAR 1 Million each

Doha Bank, one of the largest private commercial banks in Qatar, has launched the Al Dana 2020 Scheme which runs until 31st January 2021 and offers a wide array of valuable cash prizes to the lucky winners.

The Al Dana 2020 Scheme features exceptional awards, including the end-of-year mega draw of QAR 2.5 Million for one winner as well as 2 special draws’ of QAR 1 Million each for 2 winners. Besides, Doha Bank customers will be entitled to other unique rewards including, QAR 100,000 for 12 winners each, QAR 10,000 for 76 winners each, and QAR 5,000 for 366 winners each.

Mr. Braik Al Marri, Chief Retail Banking Officer, said: “We are proud to announce the new Al Dana Scheme in its 17th edition with the mega prize of QAR 2.5 Million. The Al Dana Scheme is one of Doha Bank’s pioneering flagship promotions, which was launched in 2004 runs since then with excellent rate of customer gratification. The core essence of creating a customer centric and innovative scheme in line with its vision of attending to the customers various and evolving needs has been the cornerstone of the scheme success & sustainability over 16 years. During the past years, Al Dana Scheme has established itself as the most popular savings’ program in Qatar, rewarding more than 4,360 individuals with valuable cash prizes, of which 69 lucky customers became millionaires so far. Through Al Dana Schemes, Doha Bank has proudly offered its loyal clients over 40 kilos of gold and QAR 148.5 Million in cash. Undoubtedly, nowadays people are seeking to augment their financial savings and enhance their lifestyle; and with Al Dana Savings program we help them expand their savings quickly and efficiently and award them with valuable prizes along the way. “

To accrue the benefits of Al Dana Scheme 2020, Doha Bank account holders should maintain a minimum balance of QAR 5,000 across any of the following accounts: Al Dana Savings Account, Al Dana Young Savers Account, Al Dana Savings Plan Account, Al Dana Family Savings Account, and Current Account. In addition, customers who increase their average balance by QAR 5,000 double their winning chances for every QAR 1,000 added, while those who increase their average balance of QAR 10,000 triple their winning chances for every QAR 1,000 added.

Seeking to motivate more individuals to be part of Al Dana Savings program, Doha Bank provides new customers with an opening balance of QAR 20,000 or above with 100 Welcome Bonus Chances to enter the draws, while Private Banking & Al Riyada customers with an opening balance of QAR 500,000 and above will earn 1,000 Welcome Bonus Chances to enter the draws.

All customers having an eligible account with the required balance maintained in their accounts are included in the Al Dana Scheme draws. Customers can open an account by visiting any of Doha Bank branches, SMS “AL DANA” to 92610, or completing the online registration form on the Doha Bank website: