Trade Finance

Expertise In Middle East And International Markets. Doha Bank is one of the leading providers of Trade Finance services and we have had operations in the Local, Middle East and International Markets for more than 43 years.

Having decades of experience in addressing the transactions of local, GCC, Middle East, and International markets, Doha Bank’s Trade Finance Department is well equipped, and efficient in handling and processing all your trade needs.

We specialize in opening and processing Letters of credit for our clients importing from all corners of the globe; from Asia, to Europe, Americas, and Oceania. Our experience is considered beneficial to our clients as importation patterns change to favor trading partners in specifically Asia and Europe above countries for their import of Textiles, Apparel, Electronics and other goods.

Service With A Difference

Our Trade Finance team offers exceptional quality and service including :

  • Advanced Technology and Automation to process your letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee quickly and accurately.
  • Experienced professionals knowledgeable in International Trade Finance.
  • A thorough understanding of local languages as well as major international languages, banking practices, correspondent institutions and major exporters to ensure the smooth handling of your trade services transactions.
  • We offer best in class solutions for other trade finance needs like letters of guarantees, bills collection services, confirmation of LCs/reissuance of guarantees etc.

Efficient Processing Of Your Letters Of Credit

Doha Bank issues and receives Letters of Credit from numerous International Banks on a daily basis. Doha Bank offers the following services, among others:

  • Advising: We advise credits locally and throughout Middle East using Swift, fax and/or e-mail. Our unit has built an extensive, proprietary database holding contact and delivery information on thousands of companies locally and across the Middle East.
  • Document Examination: Documents presented to us are examined expeditiously. Payments are made same day on receipt of settlement funds, with no float taken by us. We respond to inquiries from beneficiaries and issuing banks on an urgent basis.
  • Automated Processing and Inquiry Systems: With our advanced systems, Letters of Credit received by us will reach a beneficiary anywhere Locally and in Middle East quickly and efficiently. Our E-Banking Internet system provides immediate access to information on transactions processed by any of our branches.
  • Transmission Flexibility: Clients can forward Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee applications to Doha Bank via SWIFT, Courier and Mail or through our Internet banking system.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: Customer service personnel are available in our offices to answer your queries without any delay.

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Doha Bank, in the State of Qatar, is one of the leading providers of Trade Finance Services in the Region. Doha Bank also has been the recipient of the following awards: Click here for complete list of Awards

For more information regarding our Trade Finance services, please contact any one of our Relationship Managers