Beware of Scams. Do not Fall Prey!

Please be careful of scam calls or notifications from persons or parties impersonating to be from Doha Bank/customer care/CID/Central Bank requesting to update your banking records.

DO NOT share any sensitive information related to QID, OTP, Card & PIN or Passwords over phone, email or any other means. Doha Bank will never call or send notifications for updating Bank records over a phone call.

Report such suspicious communication / transaction immediately on 44456789.

Dear Customer,

Vishing* attacks are on the rise these days!!!

Fraudsters are making attempts to take your confidential, personal and financial details from you over the phone call claiming to be a representative of Bank , telecommunication providers or other reputed organizations.

We request you not to fall prey to such calls and take a few moment to read the below content:

  • Never provide sensitive information s like Passwords, OTP, Debit / Credit card numbers, PINs over the phone, email or any other means to anyone.
  • If someone calls and request for OTP, it is definitely not from the Bank.
  • Never allow any caller to create a sense of urgency, invoke a sense of fear and convince you into revealing sensitive personal or financial information. Disconnect such calls immediately.
  • Please read the following Do s and Don ts in case you receive suspicious calls, messages or emails:


  • Never allow caller’s urgency takes priority over your thought process. Please take time to think why they are asking for sensitive information.
  • Validate the number received via Call / SMS / Email by calling up the bank’s helpline number given on your Debit / Credit card.
  • Call 4445 6000 immediately if think you have erroneously revealed your bank account / card details to someone.


  • Never share confidential details / information with anyone.
  • If you get an SMS / Call asking for your bank information, do not disclose your details and leave information even on the answering machine
  • Do not open or forward links in an Email / SMS / Chat if you not sure of what it is.

* Vishing is a criminal practice of using social engineering over the telephone system to gain access to private personal and financial information from the public for the purpose of financial reward. Vishing is derived from a combination of “Voice” & “Phishing”.