COVID-19 National Response Guarantee Program

Program Details

Description and Components

  • Public emergencies (e.g., outbreak of covid-19) are having a severe impact on continuity of SMEs and their business model.
  • In such circumstances, private businesses need a fast access to financing to meet their immediate payroll and rental fee payment requirements.
  • Given the situation, the Government of Qatar decided to structure a specialized guarantee program to facilitate financing of emergency salary and rental fee requirements of affected businesses through Doha Bank.

Target Market

  • Qatar-based 100% privately owned companies affected by the outbreak of Covid-19, except those operating in pharmacies, supermarkets, and real estate industries.
  • Companies with valid CR issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry can apply through the banks where they maintain their accounts to disburse their payroll through WPS or similar platform.
  • To be eligible for the program, Qatari Partner should hold a minimum of 10% share in the beneficiary company’s capital.

Maximum Finance Allowed

  • Guarantee amount will be up to 6 months’ worth of salaries and rental payment with a maximum monthly ceiling of QAR 2.5 million per Qatar ID.
  • Total guarantee amount will not exceed QAR 7.5 million per Qatar ID.

Guarantee Program Structure

  • Financing will be guaranteed by the Government of the State of Qatar through the Ministry of Finance.
  • Guarantee will cover 100% of financing amount.
  • Guarantee will be issued at no cost to the banks and beneficiary companies.
  • At the time of application, guarantee can only be extended to a Qatari Partner in favor of a beneficiary company where he/she maintains a minimum of 10% share.

Debt / Equity Contribution

  • Up to 100% debt financing.

Guarantee Period

  • Guarantee will be issued for a period of up to 3 years.
  • Actual finance tenor and grace period will be verified by each individual bank and agreed with the beneficiary company.

Interest Rate

  • The guarantee will cover a period of up to 3 years.
  • Interest rate charge by Doha Bank to the customers will follow the following structure:
Months 0-6 Months 7-12 Year 2 Year 3
interest rate
1.50% QMR + 1% QMR + 2% QMR + 2%
QDB (acting on behalf of the Ministry of Finance) contribution 1.50% QMR + 1% 0 0
Customer pays 0 0 QMR + 2% QMR + 2%
Guarantee QDB (acting on behalf of the Ministry of Finance)
  • As shown in the above table, for example, if a financing is agreed for a period of 3 years, Doha Bank will charge 0% interest to customer for the first 12 months; for the remaining 2 years, Doha Bank will charge customer a interest rate of QMR + 2%.
  • QDB (acting on behalf of the Ministry of Finance) contribution of 1.5% in the first 6 months and QMR + 1% in the next 6 months will be paid on a quarterly basis to Doha Bank.
  • All interest rates will be calculated on a simple basis. No other methods are allowed.

Beneficiary Collaterals

  • Only personal guarantee issued by the beneficiary company partner/s covering 100% of the amount of financing.
  • No other collaterals required.

Computation Methodology

  • Financing applications will be processed by each individual bank to confirm eligibility for financing as per the Minimum Assessment Criteria provided by QDB


  • No fees and charges.

Mode of Disbursement

  • Disbursement to be made directly to the beneficiary company employees through the WPS or similar platform on a monthly basis.
  • Maximum financing allowed per Qatar ID is up to QAR 2.5 million per month for a period of up to six (6) months but not exceeding QAR 7.5 million in total, based on the actual amounts of employee salaries and rental fees.
  • Actual amounts of monthly rental fees that will be covered under the program will be for a maximum period of six (6) months.
  • Actual amounts of monthly salary that will be covered under the program will be for a maximum period of six (6) months, and will be based on the latest salary credits paid to the employees through WPS or similar platform. In case the latest salary credit does not reflect the regular salary (ie reduced salary due to covid-19 counter measure by company), the preceding salary credit that reflects the regular salary will be the basis as long as the employee details remain the same. In all cases, salary credits are not to exceed QAR 10,000 per employee / per month. No additional salaries will be entertained under the program; and the proof of employee payments for each month is to be obtained and kept on record by the Banks.
  • For the companies whose rental fees were not waived, rental payments must be made directly to the landlord’s account based on the rental agreement to be provided in support of the rental payment computation. If exceptionally approved by QDB, in case when payment for rental fees is required to be made directly to the beneficiary enterprise’s corporate current account, each such disbursement will require a subsequent confirmation of receipt of payment issued by the landlord.
  • No exceptions will be allowed without pre-authorization from QDB.

Financing Covenants

  • As per the bank’s processes and procedures.

Customer Application Form

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