Personal Loan Calculator

Are you a Qatari or an Expatriate?
Tell us your monthly salary in QAR*
(Basic & Social Allowance)
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How will our calculator help you?

  • It will enable you to discover:
    1. How much you are eligible to borrow from Doha Bank if you are an expat or a Qatari employee.
    2. Your monthly loan payments depending on how much you wish to borrow and over how long.
    3. Doha Bank’s lowest interest rate for your loan
  • Your loan calculation can be adjusted. Once your calculation is shown on the next page, you will be able to change:
    • the maximum loan amount
    • the repayment term
    • …to show your monthly loan instalment
  • Disclaimer

    This calculator tool is made available so that you can decide how much you can safely afford to borrow and repay before you apply. We do not guarantee that it will suit every situation and individual circumstance. The amounts mentioned are for indicative purposes only. The final agreed loan amount, tenure/term and interest rate will depend upon the supporting documents that you provide us to support your loan application. Any agreement to provide loan monies is at Doha Bank’s sole discretion.