Doha Bank launch “Taeleem” Learning App for its Employees Globally

Press Release

The unique and first E-Learning application develops the investment in human capital

Doha Bank, one of the largest commercial private Banks in Qatar, has recently launched a new application for its employees called “Taeleem”. The application aligns the human capital development and Learning strategy that the bank follows with its employees.

In addition to its internal Learning & Development portal for its employees, Doha Bank continue with the Taeleem mobile learning app, which is the first mobile learning application for bank’s employees in Qatar. The App aligns with digital learning advantages and is an education instrument for Doha Bank’s team globally. Employees can experience a unique opportunity for anytime learning programs, which is part of the banks’ digital transformation strategy. Taeleem is a learning management tool that will not only provide employees with up to date information on their learning opportunities, it will also allow everyone to actively engage with the Learning & Development Team and participate in the interactive yearly learning calendar.

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All employees can download their learning content in form of videos, courses (In English and Arabic) and reference materials onto Android or iOS smart devices. This mobile app will provide unparalleled access to information, to support continuing professional development and enhancing employee Knowledge, Skills and Abilities at the Bank. The app will assist team members by providing access to micro learning; supplementing on the job development and bank instructor lead programs. It will reinforce knowledge with 24/7, 365-day access.

Commenting on the new mobile app, Dr. R. Seetharaman, Group CEO Said: Taeleem is the official Doha Bank Mobile learning feature, which enables bank employees to access learning content, anytime, anyplace and anywhere. We are an organization which truly believes in providing their employees with opportunity and tools to develop themselves and be part of a continuous learning environment. Doha Bank is committed to supporting the State of Qatar’s drive to develop a comprehensive knowledge-based society that will drive future sustainability. The Bank considers that such technology platforms are a key investment that both public and private sector organizations should make, to help build this knowledge base and support business growth plans.

We believe in technology and business convergence to provide maximum automation and maintain highest standards in service. As an organization we have been at the forefront of building our human capital and we will continue to give opportunities to our Employees, to improve their skill sets and achieve their professional goals. Added Dr. R. Seetharaman.