Doha Bank in Partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation Hosts Blood Donation Drive

The Bank’s Group CEO encourages every healthy individual to donate blood: “It is an invaluable service to our fellow human beings”

Doha Bank recently hosted a blood donation drive at its headquarters in West Bay. The blood donation drive was organized in partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation’s Blood Donor Unit to help supplement blood reserves in the country.

Over a hundred individuals registered as donors and over fifty individuals donated blood during the drive, including members of the Bank’s staff with varying levels of seniority and also individuals working in offices in the vicinity of Doha Bank Tower, who were keen to support the cause.

Doha Bank Group CEO Dr. R. Seetharaman said: “We are extremely proud of the staff members who organized this blood donation and applaud our staff and many people from our neighboring offices in West Bay who are now registered blood donors. I would also like to thank HMC for their support without which this could not have been possible. Blood donation is an essential contribution to every society and it is particularly important as blood reserves require consistent inflows to help those in need. It is a simple process and takes each person just around 45 minutes, but it can add years to a recipient’s life.”

Dr. Seetharaman added that Doha Bank is also aiming to raise awareness and encourage people of sound health between the ages of 18 and 60 to think of donating blood regularly: “Awareness of what blood donation can do for our community is important. Most people do not realize that stored blood has a shelf life of 42 days and must therefore be replenished regularly. In addition, given the overall size of our population and the increasing need for blood to treat trauma and surgical patients, this becomes an even more valuable service we can all do for our fellow human beings.”

Doha Bank is encouraging people to visit the Blood Donor Unit situated at the Hamad Medical Corporation complex near Sports Roundabout, or contact on 44391081 or 44391082 for more information.