Doha Bank breaks new ground in corporate cash management with ‘Tadbeer’ web-based platform

Revolutionary cash management system is transforming the banking experience for businesses across Qatar by allowing them to take personal control over their cash

Consolidating its position in the corporate banking market, Doha Bank is riding a wave of success driven by the rising popularity of “Tadbeer” – the bank’s innovative cash management system that has been transforming the way businesses in Qatar control and manage their finance.

The first integrated cash management software platform in Qatar, “Tadbeer” is designed to address a full range of collections, payment, liquidity management, and reporting services, providing customers a single online interface that is capable of managing all aspects of their cash management requirements, including payables, receivables and liquidity information.

“By providing customers direct, real-time access to their bank accounts and by centralizing their receivables and payables on one electronic banking system, ‘Tadbeer’ empowers organizations across the business spectrum with unparalleled control of their cash management operations, allowing them to manage their cash flow faster and more efficiently,” said Dr. R. Seetharaman, Group CEO of Doha Bank. “This unique service continues Doha Bank’s tradition of innovation and represents a significant milestone in our push towards paperless banking.”

Dr. R. Seetharaman, also said, “Effective management of cash flow is important for any new or growing business, and is often critical to business survival. As a customized online platform with an advanced web-based interface, ‘Tadbeer’ provides clients access to a variety of cash management services, enabling them to improve operational efficiency and reduce operating cost through secure, convenient and paperless transactions.”

“Tadbeer” also facilitates better accounting with focus on liquidity optimization, and allows full and precise overview of customer accounts at all times.

Other attractive features of “Tadbeer” include the Doha SecureCash (verified and unverified cash pick-up) and Doha SecureDoc (document pick-up) services. To facilitate these requirements, the Bank has developed cash pick-up service covering all Doha Bank locations within Qatar.